Millennials in Sport: They Work Smarter, Not Harder

Millenials are classified as those entering young adulthood around the early to late 2000’s.


By Karl Patterson

I am a millennial, and you want me to work in sports. There are a lot of criticisms that go along with my generation and our work ethic and dedication. Some of the more common challenges that my generation faces include lack of patience, act of entitlement, and “going against the grain” attitudes. These behaviors are highlighted personality traits based on a comparison to older generations, X and baby boomers.

Baby boomers are known best for doing a long day’s work and being rewarded for it. Millennials still get the job done, we just work smarter, not harder. The notion that we lack patience when it comes to the workforce is presented as a negative trait, but in reality it is the reason we are able to jump start successful entrepreneurships.

Most of my generation agrees that we feel entitled by other generations. We will quit a job if there is a policy that is unfavorable, or if we feel ignored by corporate. What is wrong with that? Baby boomers and Gen Xers are comfortable with middle of the road jobs with just as mediocre payouts. My generation is graduating from college and walking into stagnant businesses to shake things up. By demanding more form our employers, and raising the standards we are doing the boomers and Xers a favor. Our increased benefits are also given to them, therefore they have a better work life, and still able to stay within their comfort zone.

Being creative and going against the grain is how we get things done. Companies want their employees to work 40 hours/week doing the same thing every day. The burnout rate is increasing within the industry and my fellow GEN-Yers are not going to settle for that. We are known for our creative and out of the box thinking, we are driven by passion and desire. Our generation is more likely to take a lower pay rate to work doing something we are enthusiastic about. This means no more cookie cutter job expectations and descriptions.

What does all the have to do with sports? Being a millennial and working in the sports industry means that I, as an employee will being able to confidently bring fresh ideas to the table and execute them proficiently.  Older generations that are currently in the sports industry have been doing the same things for 30+ years, it is time to sweep the dust off the plate and bring the game back to life.


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