Decoding the Matrix: A Guide to Online Class Success in Sports Administration

Online Courses:

No stuffy lecture auditoriums, no driving around aimlessly trying to find a parking spot, and no need to scramble through campus before the class starts just to be there on time (because no one wants the undue attention of walking into a classroom late)…

Earning your Master’s degree in Sports Administration online from Wayne State University is made convenient by the fact that you are given ample time and space to fulfill your degree requirements at a pace that suits you. Sounds like a walk in the park, right? Not so fast!

Fall semester is almost here, and some of you are ready to go and registered for classes already! With all of our classes being offered online, the key to success is going to be organization and scheduling. Its going to be all on you: no one will remind you to submit assignments by midnight. This is Master’s level, you should be beyond your High School dependencies.

Here are some other tips for staying on top of your online classes:

Use the technology at your disposal

Class instructors are nice. Sometimes TOO nice. Within each module they will organize a checklist for each task to be completed and the date by which it needs to be submitted. Unfortunately, that’s where your outside help ends. So in today’s world of smartphones and smart operating systems, use the built-in calendars and notifications to remind you.

So when you log into Blackboard and open up the latest module, go to the checklist and enter into your smartphone calendar what tasks need to be completed. Make sure your phone gives you a nudge 24 hours in advance, just as a healthy reminder.

Your eyes might be bigger than your brain

Taking classes online doesn’t decrease the amount of time you should be spending on classes. Therefore, just because the class is online, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to need to spend less time studying the material. Remember you’re going to be juggling your normal daily workload on top of taking classes. You might be thinking you could hit the books after coming home from a 9-5 work day. If you have the stamina to do so, awesome! But you’re seriously going to have to dedicate a lot of time to each class you take. So in this case, only take on as much as you physically (and emotionally) can.

Use your Peer Mentors

Believe it or not, they’re really resourceful. I mean, duh! It’s their job. Peer Mentors have been in your shoes, they know what you’re going through, and they have a lot of recommendations for completing assignments and appeasing the class instructor. If they haven’t already, they’ll be reaching out to you. So please email them, call them, Skype them, or text them. And remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Plan ahead

As previously mentioned, being organized in this course is going to be crucial to your success. So keep a calendar on your wall, use your phone for reminders, or keep a daily planner. Planning your week like this will help you get into a routine or pattern. Use these tools to decide which days you are going to devote to which classes, and ensure you allot adequate time in your day. Luckily, class instructors will recommend how much time you should be spending on each module. And while we’re on that subject, this is simply a recommendation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend more time, because quite often you will find yourself spending more time than recommended.

And for our most important tip….

Enjoy it

Earning your Master’s degree in Sports Administration is going to be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. You’re going to be introduced to exciting new concepts, captivating instructors, and be given the chance to connect with other aspiring industry professionals just like yourself.

Have fun, and we wish you the best of luck!


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