Hittin’ the Books: What should I be reading for my classes?

One of the most common questions we receive from new students usually asks what materials they should be reading before and during the semester. Thankfully we have compiled a short list of sources that you should be taking advantage of throughout your studies:

1.The Big Hitters

Without doubt, if you’re looking to get your hands on the latest sports news and information, you’re likely to default to these guys: ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, CBS, TSN (Canada), or Sports Illustrated. They’re well known are have been around for what feels like forever. The reason they are so useful is because they cast a broad net over the entire industry. They mostly focus on the popular items of the day, although in the eyes of some this may be to their detriment as they habitually neglect anything that isn’t the ‘big four’ (Football, Basketball, Baseball, or Hockey) and NCAA sports. None the less, it is usually a good idea to analyse their forms of reporting and compare them to other sources.

2. The Bloggers

Blogs are gaining traction these days, mostly due to their ability to be loosely edited which allows for contributors to post content more frequently. Probably one of the more well known and popular sports blogs is SBNation. In addition, if you’re looking for something else you might be interested in Deadspin.com

3. The Academics 

For those of you looking for academic sources, based in sound research then you might consider the following: Journal of Sports Management (JSM), International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing, and Sports Management Review. All of which are available via the library tab in Academia for all students. If you need assistance on finding these let us know and we can help.

Popular journals like these are not as up to date as the other options (as research can take months, evens years) but they provide solid objective data on social phenomenons in sport as well as industry based research on best practice in management theory.

4. The Locals

With USA Today voting Detroit as the #1 Sports city in the USA last October, most of you will already be clued into the local media covering your pick in Detroit sports. The Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, M Live, and Crains Detroit Business are all great sources to get the scoop on the latest local happenings. In addition, turning your radio dial to 97.1 the ticket or 105.1FM will enable you to listen to sports talk radio 24/7 (hurrah!)

Bonus tip:

No doubt you are all tech savvy individuals, therefore we might be preaching to the choir when we tell you to follow news sources on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Over the course of the program, you are going to be analyzing multiple social media sources like sports networks, professionals, and athletes. Its best to get into the habit of actively reading this content before too late.


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