Meet Your Peer Mentors!

Welcome to a new school year fellow Warriors! We want to take a minute to introduce our peer mentors to you for the coming year. They will be a fantastic resource to you throughout your studies.

Jon Hevron


Hello Everyone! My name is Jonathan Hevron and I will be one of your peer mentors. I am also a student in the M.A. program and will complete my degree in December 2015.

My life is sports, quite literally. I have worked in athletic communications for the past five years. I began as a multimedia editor for and currently work in sports communications at Michigan State University. Go Green!

I have been blessed to have worked for the Detroit Lions, Central Michigan University (where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management), West Virginia University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Radford University. I have moved…a lot!

I ran cross country throughout high school and for a year in college, thus making it my favorite sport. I do enjoy basketball and have a couple of inter-mural championship t-shirts to prove it! Job wise, softball is one of my favorite sports to cover and I have connected with some amazing coaches. Work consumes the majority of my life as I am in the office usually 70-80 hours per week during the school year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Graphics began as one of my favorite hobbies but has become one of the biggest responsibilities in my career.

Two truths and a lie:

  1. I’ve worked the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.
  2. I was an E-3 in the United States Coast Guard.
  3. I have been to every NFL stadium.

Keep reading for the answer 🙂


William Lindsay


William was born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, Canada (about a ninety minute drive from Detroit). He completed his M.A. in Sports Administration from Wayne State University in June 2015, and his B.Sc. in Honors Science from the University of Waterloo in 2014. He did 80% of his undergraduate degree and 100% of his graduate degree online, so he is quite comfortable learning in an online environment.

Prior to his studies, William was a national champion figure skater. He competed in singles for many years, and trained in Metro-Detroit toward the end of his career. William stays involved now as a judge, referee, technical specialist, and evaluator at competitions and test sessions in both the U.S. and Canada. Officiating in figure skating is a completely volunteer position.

Thinking of volunteering, William has volunteered with the Canadian Olympic Committee at the past three Olympic Games (Vancouver, Canada; London, England; and Sochi, Russia). Each of these was a very unique experience, which I am sure you will hear more about over the course of the semester. This summer, he volunteered at the Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada for the COC and the organizing committee.

William was selected to represent Canada, and study at the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece in 2012. This was a fantastic opportunity for him to interact with 200 students from over 100 countries and to discuss topics regarding the Olympic Movement.

In addition to his duties at Wayne State, William is also a professor at St. Clair College. For the Fall 2015 semester, he is teaching courses for the Pre-Health Sciences and Fitness & Health Training programs.

2007 Canadians

Matt Hill

We would like to take a minute to congratulate our outgoing peer mentor, Matt Hill on his graduation from the M.A. program, and wish him all the best as he begins a new career!


Watch out for a new blog post each Wednesday featuring articles and views of students in the program.

Jon’s lie was No. 3 🙂


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