What is a Learning Community?

As the semester gets rolling, we will have the opportunity to discuss important topics from your classes.


Until then, I want to let you know about the KHS (Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Studies) Learning Community that you are a member of. You will find a link to it from your Blackboard homepage (on the right hand side).

Learning Communities are organized in universities across the country. The first LC at Wayne State began in 2004 and our program is now nationally recognized.

The LC’s vision is to support WSU’s commitment to student learning. It will enhance a student’s experience by providing a diverse but inclusive community in which all learn and grow together.

Currently, WSU hosts 45 LCs with topics ranging from ‘Organic Chemistry’ to ‘Anthropology in Detroit.’ The 300 peer mentors from the LCs were able to get together recently to meet and prepare for the year ahead. A goal of reaching 5,000 students has been established for the 2015-2016 academic year. The LCs at WSU made a video to give you an idea about what we do. Our website can be found here.

The KHS LC is a great resource for you as you make your way through graduate education at Wayne State. In the Blackboard folder, there are resources such as scholarship information, job postings, study guides for various certifications, APA formatting guides, and video tutorials. Announcements will be sent out to your email when new information is available. The Sports Administration folder will give you specific information about completing your Plan of Work, starting your internship, and other resources for our program.

Your KHS peer mentors are here to help you throughout the program. Make sure you reach out with any questions you may have.


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