The Importance of Digital Portfolios By Colleen Kogut

I remember my dad bringing home his 30 year clock from AAA (American Automobile Association) on the anniversary mark with his employer. He was so proud of his loyalty to his company, where he had started in his late twenties and would eventually retire from 40 years later. Few of us will experience this longevity at one company and many will completely change career courses several times in our work lifetimes. Digital portfolios can help with these inevitable career transitions, moving freely in a work environment, making it easier to sell our skills.

According to the Career Service Center at the University of Delaware, the digital portfolio has one main purpose “to demonstrate that you have successfully accomplished the tasks represented in the portfolio (which should parallel the job description), to support your assertion that you can do the job.” Instead of simply listing your skills and accomplishments on a single page resume, a digital portfolio can be tailored to demonstrate how your personal learning experiences can add value or fill a specific need to an employer. Digital portfolios can better capture your versatility in a tough job market and make your previous experiences and highlights stand out amongst other candidates. Digital portfolios allow your specialized skills to be captured in a variety of mediums – including (but not limited to) audio, web material, photographs, diagrams, spreadsheets, presentations, and text.

In addition, digital portfolios are easy to keep current and organized, and most importantly are easier to tailor to a specific use or job. According to Nina Makofsky, at Demand Media, digital portfolios help “demonstrate mastery of certain subject when applying for a job or internship”. Instead of simply listing your skills, highlight the skills that will set you apart from the competition. Digital portfolios can make you memorable in a sea of candidates.

You’ve worked hard, show your skill set in the most eye catching and efficient medium. Digital portfolios are the way to go.


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