The Semester is Over!


Is it May already Justin?? Where did the semester go?

Just 16 weeks ago, we were writing you with tips on how to be a good online student. You did just that! You have all developed great habits for studying online and completed your Winter 2016 courses.

Many of you have signed up for one of our Spring/Summer classes. If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?? Spring/Summer is a great time to get ahead.

Some of you have been reaching out saying that you have a ‘hold’ on your account because you haven’t filed a Plan of Work with the College of Education. Your plan must be filed before you complete 12 credit hours (or basically four courses). Look in the Sports Administration folder on Blackboard for more information and make sure you contact Laurel with any questions.

Also, before you run off to a topical island or Brazil for the summer (like me!), why not register for Fall 2016 now too? Registration is open and our classes are filling up.

For those of you graduating in May, all of us in the Sports Administration program want to wish you a big “Congratulations!” You have worked hard, and accomplished a lot in your time at Wayne State. Now is your chance to go out and make a difference. Keep in touch too. You never know what opportunity might lie ahead. Maybe we can feature YOU in our newsletter as an alumni spotlight!!

What did you think of the KHS Learning Community? If you fill out our survey, and bring your email confirmation in to our F/AB office, you will get a portable USB charger! Click the link here and choose the KHS Graduate option.

Thanks for a great semester Warriors. Stay tuned for more great topics in the Spring.



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