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Welcome to the new semester Warriors!

In our Sports Event Management course, students were asked to review a website for a special sporting event and comment on it. Here are a couple of their thoughts.

By: Eric Horwitz

Throughout my observation of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics website I have found
the following objectives in regards to the event itself:
  • Bring the world’s sports together on one stage of competition
  • Promote worldwide interest of sports on the biggest national stage
  • Attempt to educate youth on the importance of competing at the highest level of sports while more importantly, representing your country
What Purpose does the Site Serve?
  • The Rio Olympic site attempts to promote the biggest sporting event in the world while giving the public a greater understanding of the sports and countries that will be competing
  • This site gives a brief history of the Olympic games along with the athletes who have competed in the past, while keeping a sole focus on the 2016 Olympic games and what it has to offer this summer
  • Anything and everything that an individual may need to know about the 2016 Rio Olympics can be found throughout the navigation of this site
  • This site can provide users with information in regards to the athletes training, the countries who will be represented, all the way to education and development opportunity’s provided by the Olympic movement
Who is the Site Targeted Towards?
  • The 2016 Rio Olympic site is targeted toward those individuals who anticipate t0 watch and follow the 2016 Olympics, along with individuals who hope to gain a background understanding of the games
  • Because there are many links embedded in the site, I would say this site looks to target teenagers to adults because they have a greater understanding of increasing technology methods and how to navigate throughout a site
Overall Design of the Site:
  • The 2016 Rio Olympics website is embedded with many links that allow access to videos and photos of the athletes along with the countries who will be competing
  • There is limited text throughout the site as it seems to rely heavily on visuals to help the target market grasp a great visual understanding of exactly what the 2016 Summer Olympics have to offer
  • The overall design of the site makes it easy for users to navigate throughout the site and creates a strong driving desire to follow the Olympics if there was not a strong desire before the individual entered the site
What I Learned: Throughout my research conducted on the 2016 Rio Olympics site, I was able to gather information needed to learn and build on information that I have a brief understanding on before, these include:
  • Gaining an understanding of all of the sports and countries that will be represented in Rio this summer
  • Research on past athletes who have competed and won on the Olympic stage, along with how many medals they have won
  • Understand “Education Through Sport” that offers many opportunity’s for young athletes to learn about culture and completion included in the Olympic games
Review: All in all, I believe that the 2016 Rio Olympics site goes above and beyond to
meet the goals of bringing the world together through sports while focusing on
education as well. For individuals who hope top learn about what the 2016 Rio Olympics have to offer, this is a site that can answer nearly every question that one may have
while educating them in other areas as well. Based on my overall review of the site, I would love to attend the 2016 Rio Olympics and gain knowledge on the event first hand in Rio while the athletes compete on the biggest stage of sports in the world.


By: Shamari Hamlet               kentuckyderby.com

Background: The Kentucky Derby is an annual thoroughbred horse race held the first Saturday in May in Louisville, KY. 20 horses compete in the 1 ¼ mile race. In order to be in the Kentucky Derby, horses must first compete in a series of 35 races across the world. The top 20 horses with the most points are eligible to compete in the Kentucky Derby. This event is also the first (and perhaps most known) event of the Triple Crown series. The winner of the Kentucky Derby receives a price of $2 million. The Kentucky Derby began in 1875 and is the longest continually running sporting event in America. On average, 155,000 attend the two minute long event.

Basic Content of Site: The Kentucky Derby website contains everything necessary to know about the event including its history and how to plan your visit.

Sections of the Kentucky Derby website are:

  • Horses- Discusses event results and information about horses in the Kentucky Derby
  • Plan Your Visit- Contains information about Churchill Downs directions, hotels, parking, attire, and the Derby schedule.
  • Watch & Party- Information about how to throw a Kentucky Derby watch party and the television schedule on NBC.
  • Wager- Fans are able to bet online for the race as well as learn how to place bets.
  • History & Traditions- Contains large amount of information about the history of the Kentucky Derby and the significance of traditions of the event such as mint juleps and wearing hats.
  • Store- Purchase Kentucky Derby branded apparel as well as formal hats and jewelry.
  • Tickets- Link to buy tickets and seating chart for Churchill Downs

Content/Subject Matter: The purpose of the Kentucky Derby website is to educate the public about attending the event, as well as educating the public about the rich histories and tradition of the Kentucky Derby. The website is full of information and would tell you absolutely everything you need to know about the derby whether you are attending the race in Kentucky or watching the event on television at home. The website is extensive and almost overwhelming ;but no question about the Kentucky Derby goes unanswered.

After reviewing the Kentucky Derby’s website the site will mostly be used for fans who will be attending the race at Churchill Downs. The extensive “Plan Your Visit” section features everything a visitor needs to know about the event and surrounding Louisville area. There are large, eye catching sections for parking and maps & directions to Churchill Downs. The other sections of the website are also applicable for visitors to the Kentucky Derby such as the horses competing, buying tickets, placing bets, buying Derby apparel and hats, and traditions at the Kentucky Derby.

Audience: The Kentucky Derby website is targeted for adults. Although the website features a lot of colorful photos, they are not interactive and enticing for children. The website pages contain a large amount of text and the reader must do a lot of scrolling down the page in order to read all of the information. There is also a large section devoted to the website about betting and alcohol which may only be appropriate for adults.

Design: The homepage of the Kentucky Derby features a large collage of pictures from the event with a few links to text pages. At the top of the page features the winners of the race along with their betting statistics. There is a large, eye catching link to buy tickets as well as a countdown to the 2017 Kentucky Derby. In the drop down menus at the top of each page, there are many more links that take you to all of the information about the Kentucky Derby. After clicking on a various link, the individual pages feature a large amount on information. There is usually one main picture or video on each page a long with a lot of text information. The pages are organized well but require a lot of reading to get the information needed.

Event Elements: After reviewing the Kentucky Derby website, I learned that:

  • The Kentucky Derby is the oldest sporting event in America
  • There is a lengthy process, called “the Road to the Kentucky Derby” that horses must complete in order to be eligible to compete in the Kentucky Derby.
  • There is a race the day before the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs for female horses named the “Kentucky Oaks.” The actual Kentucky Derby is strictly for male horses.
  • Forbes called the Kentucky Derby one of the “Greatest Bucket-list Sporting Events” in America.
  • The Kentucky Derby draws a larger crowd than the Super Bowl, World Series, NCAA Final Four and Masters Tournament.

After learning this information, I challenged my thinking about how to turn less mainstream sports into popular activities. Many attendees and viewers of the Kentucky Derby do not follow the sport of horse racing regularly but give a lot of attention to this event. I also brainstormed about how to plan and execute ancillary events for fans of major sporting events.

Overall Review: The Kentucky Derby website is executed extremely well. The website provides all information an attendee or viewer of the event may need. The website is extremely functional given that you are able to buy tickets and place bets right on the main page of the website. In addition to all of the event information on the website, the website does a great job of highlighting the history and traditions of the Kentucky Derby. The information is written in a catchy and straight to the point fashion so it does not overwhelm the reader. The Kentucky Derby website is a great resource for event planners. The website shows how a sporting event can still be exciting and be a monumental occasion over 100 years from its beginning.

Attending the Kentucky Derby has always been a “bucket list” event for me to attend. After analyzing their website, it makes me even more eager to attend the event. The Kentucky Derby website also gives me all the necessary information to plan a successful visit to Churchill Downs.


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