Too Much Free Stuff?


Is there such a thing as too much free stuff?

It feels like every time you turn around someone is giving something away. Whether it is a bobble head at a baseball game, or a coffee mug at a hockey game, all major league teams have jumped on the ‘giveaway’ bandwagon. Why is this? Is the sole reason to put bums in seats? Or is it to continue infiltrating their brand in the consumers’ lives? Maybe it is a combination of the two!

There is no doubt that everyone loves receiving something for ‘free.’ What people often do not realize is that it wasn’t really ‘free’ to begin with. Most likely your ticket to the game paid for the rally towel that you were given. Has it even come to the point that many fans expect to receive something for free when they attend a game?

From personal experience, I can tell you that the largest ‘giveaway’ on the planet happens at the Olympic Games. After a few days in the Olympic Bubble you learn how to navigate the waters of freebies. With a little skill, you can achieve everything from pins, to granola bars, to t-shirts, and even tickets. Is this addicting? You bet it is! It almost turns into its own sporting event…who can get what for free.

Students in our program have looked at giveaways through various courses. In Finance they examined the cost to the team to run these programs and looked at the benefit to the bottom line. In Marketing, students looked at unique and original ways to promote a special night or event. In Media Design, students studied how to get the word out to the paying public that a giveaway was happening.

We are even jumping on the ‘giveaway’ bandwagon. Check out the Sports Administration newsletter next week to see what our latest give away will be. Are you not receiving the newsletter?  Send an email to to be added to the list and learn more about our fantastic program.

What is the best giveaway you have received? Do you keep everything you get?  Let us know your thoughts!

Until next week…may the odds of the best giveaway ever be in your favor!


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