Social Media and Coaching


Coaches today have a tough role to play when navigating the sometimes rough waters of social media. Athletes often make mistakes and post things that they should not do. What would you do as a coach if one of your players did something like this? Students in our Principles of Coaching course looked at this issue. Here are a few of their thoughts.

By: Brett Hurdy

I disagree with the head coach’s decision to kick the player off the team for his inappropriate tweet. While what he said was awful, I feel that this decision was harsh and drastic. If I were the head coach, I would suspend him for 15 games and have him issue an apology to Mo’ne Davis. Then I would have him go to a counselor to have him learn about the consequences of social media and how to act more appropriately online. This way he will learn from his mistakes and how to better himself.

I agree with the reasoning behind the Twitter ban from Coach Pfeifer. Young adults can make many mistakes in social media so I understand why he would want to do it. But I disagree with the policy because I think the athletes are just going to create a workaround and use Twitter anyway. If they use different names, then you won’t be able to monitor what they are saying on social media. I think being proactive and having the athletes work with counselors to go over what should and should not be said, and how to prevent yourself from posting something you might regret. This way you can show them that you trust them to be adults, but you give them the tools to succeed.

By: Darius Griggs

I personally agree with the Bloomsburg University’s, policy it’s not acceptable for that player to say those disrespectful things for one, and also its unacceptable to put it on social media. Yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but he forgot that he still represents his family first, and that university and coaching staff next. The actions and decisions you make is a direct reflection back on the coaches that recruited you and you never want your name or your players name in something negative. I believe their policy is effective because it shows there is no excuses all matters will be addressed and is subject to discipline. It shows a clear line of not acceptable what so ever. I disagree with the high school coach and the curfew on twitter, I say that because technology is a huge thing in kids growing up now. Social media is their thing they would rather do that then go outside and play. I just feel like you shouldn’t put a curfew on that you’re their coach not mother that’s a different part of their life. yes, you can encourage them to not do this and that and express why and what’s important but not tell them when they have to get off of twitter. I feel like a better policy would be putting a guideline of what can be on their twitters what you don’t want to see, be respectful and know that everybody can see what you put on there. Never put something you don’t want somebody to see, because even after you delete it they still can see it. You can explain to them that at 10pm on game nights you should be in bed and encourage that that’s what is right but then they have to grow up and take responsibility. Give them some lead way to grow into leaders not tie them down and cause bigger problems.

By: Samuel Tate

If I was the coach I would not kicked my players off of the team for something they post on social media. I know that some tweets or Instagram post can be very uncharacteristic be its my job as a coach to help my players in time of need and i strongly believe that kicking my players off the team for inappropriate social media videos or post is to harsh. The policy should be change to a two game suspension and counseling of some short depending on the situation. I will be their for my players I will help them understand that they are the center of attention and they can’t be posting these inappropriate tweets, pictures, or videos is disrespectful. I want my players to understand that they were wrong and they should apologize for disrespectful behavior.

I want my players to also understand that they need to keep their private life private because they are known as leaders in the community and they have younger children looking up to them. If the young children see them post inappropriate things then they would think that its okay for them to do the same because they see them as role models. I want to help my players with their situations and i think that a two game suspension is the best consequence for their misbehavior. If one of the suspended players choose to post something else appropriate they then will have to be removed from the team because that means hey haven t learned their lesson.



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