Fundraising in Sport


Sadly, fundraising has become a necessary evil in the world of sports. Students in the Principles of Coaching course developed some creative fundraising ideas in this past week’s module. Here are a few of their ideas.

By: Brad Wilson

We will have what we will call a Football Lift-A-Thon.  I have actually done this before as both a player and a coach and it is very beneficial and generates nothing but revenue for your football program.  Each player will have what is called a “Pledge Sheet” where people can pledge a certain amount of money based on a per pound basis (i.e. you donate .25 per pound and he bench presses 250lbs. you owe him $62.50) or you can simply donate a flat rate (i.e. you pledge $25.00 no matter what he lifts).  The goal is that each player can get $100.00 in donations.  This will obviously not happen for each kid.  Some will get more and some will get less.  In the end our goal is for an average of $100.00 per player.  It is a team event that will occur at a normal scheduled lifting session.  Therefore, you do not need to have admission, hire extra help, have concessions, etc.

Fundraising Goal – I am expecting to raise anywhere from $4,000-$6,000 with this Lift-A-Thon.

Budget – I do not see any unforeseen costs with this event.  We are using our weight room so we will not have to pay for a facility.

Leadership – My strength and conditioning coach and other coaching staff members will help me coordinate this event.

Target Audience – This will be a general fundraiser where anybody can donate, or pledge money to each player.  They will want to get around the community the best they can, but they can also target relatives, teachers, etc.

Marketing – We will spread the word of this Lift-A-Thon event by word of mouth from our players and coaches and on our social media Facebook and Twitter pages.  We will not use flyers in order to save money on advertising.

We will have a football Car Wash.  I have also taken part in this benefit before and it has been a tremendous success.  People want to help local sports teams and get their vehicle washed at the same time.  We will use products that have been donated from our coaches and players’ parents in order to cut our costs and generate the maximum amount of revenue as possible.

Fundraising Goal – I am expecting to raise anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 with this Car Wash.

Budget – We will not spend any money to do this Car Wash.  We will charge $10.00 a wash and use water from the spickets at our facility and will have hoses, soap, rags, etc. donated from ourselves as coaches and from our booster club and parents of players.  We do not need to use any outside resources or money to host this event.

Leadership – My players, parents, and coaching staff will help me organize and run this event.

Target Audience – This will be available to the entire community and will be a 2 day event.  It will take place on a weekend where we can get a lot of volunteer help and will get the most amount of people interested in our fundraiser.

Marketing – We will spread the word of this Car Wash by word of mouth from our players and coaches and on our social media Facebook and Twitter pages the same as our Lift-A-Thon.  We will also use our players holding posters near and around the neighborhoods of our facility in order to attract people to come and get a good wash for a good price contribution to our program.

By: Andrea Thornsberry

  1. Alumni vs. varsity football team flag football game

For my first fundraising idea I wanted to do an alumni vs. varsity flag football game. I think it will be fun and great way to raise money. We will have a concessions stand with hot dogs, pizza, and water bottles. Along with a 50/50 raffle going on with the winner announced at the end of the game. We will also charge $3 charge for students to see the game and $5 for parents and other members to come see the game. There will also be a $25 charge to each player and alumni player.

Fundraising goal: We want to try to bring in around $3,000-3,500 for this event after expense are paid.

Budget: $200 it will be hosted at the high school field where they will allow us to play for free.  We can also print off flyers at the school for free also. This will allow us to profit most of the money we make. We will have concessions at this game that will comprise of hot dogs, pizza, and water bottles. We also already have a role of 50/50 tickets from the previous years so we will not need to buy more. The referee’s will be compensated by free concessions during half time.

15 pizzas at $5= $75

10 packs of 10 hot dogs at $2.68= $26.80

Hot dog buns, 13 packs of 8 at $1= $13

Heinz pack condiment variety pack with mustard ketchup and relish= $5.90

Aquafina water bottles at $5.23 for 32 count, 4 cases of water at 5.23= $20.92

= approximately $150

This will give us $50 of extra money if we need more of anything.

  • We already have paper plates and napkins

Leadership- I will be the leader of this fundraiser, but I will also have the help of the booster club and parents that would like to help. I will need a group of parents/ booster members to purchase the concession items and run the concession stand during the game. I would also need my players to spread the word about the game to the alumni and to other classmates to come see the game. I will need parents to organize a 50/50 raffle. Also I would need another parent at the door charging to get into the event.

Target Audience: Players, Alumni, parents, coaches, students, and faculty from the school will all be welcome.

Marketing- I would send out flyers to classrooms to spread the word. Post posters around the school. Make announcements at the beginning and end of the day over the loud speakers. Use social media to spread the word. Calling alumni players to have them come back and play a game to support the team

2. Scavenger hunt

We will also have a scavenger hunt for our second fundraising idea. Scavenger hunts are really fun and it will be a great idea to bring in money for the football program with a fun game. The team will be separated into groups and the parents will be separated by groups. The fee for each player and parent will be $25. At the end of the night whichever team of 5 who comes back first with the most items checked off their list will win $5 gift cards to Applebee’s. When the teams come back from the scavenger hunt we will have pizza and water and there will be a 50/50 raffle going on. Along with raffle baskets that were donated that will be involved in a silent auction. Each player from varsity and JV are mandatory to come and they must bring at least one parent.

Fundraising goal: We want to try to bring in around $2,000-$2,500 after expenses.

Budget: We will need to budget for around $150.

Pizza- 15 pizzas at $5= $75

Aquafina Bottle Water at $5.23 per case. Each case has 32 bottles= 4/5 cases of water= $27

5 $5 gift cards to Applebee’s- will see if Applebee’s will donate though.

Leadership- I will organize the event with getting permission to use the auditorium at the school to meet at before and after the scavenger hunt. I will need parents/ booster club members to buy the pizza and water and set it up at the auditorium. And a member of the club doing 50/50 after the hunt. I will also need a few of the members/parents to write the scavenger hunt for the participants.

Target Audience– Varsity and JV football players. Along with parents and faculty members.

Marketing- There will be flyers passed out to the team to pass along to their parents. Along with word of mouth at the games over the loud speakers. There will also be posts on our social media page on Facebook and twitter explaining the details. It will also be announced during our parent meetings.

By: Scott LaRente

Fundraising for New Equipment

Overall Goal: $5,000.00

Equipment Needed: New Helmets, Face-guards and Shoulder Pads

Idea #1: Alumni Game

Set up an Alumni Flag Football Game.  Charge $25 per player to play (any player who lettered and graduated from school is eligible). Collect donations from former players and their families and sell concession items.  Possible opportunity to raffle off items as well (school spirit wear, etc.) and could present local businesses the idea to sponsor a team (cover the cost of t-shirts).


* Goal – $2,500.00

* Budget – $400-500

Covers the cost for T-shirts ($200-250) and Concession Items ($200-250)

* Leadership – Booster Parents (two elected per year) and Coaching Staff

* Target Audience – Former football players who lettered and graduated from the school and their families.

* Marketing – Former team email/phone lists, school contact database, local newspaper/radio and social media (Twitter & Facebook).

Idea # 2: Community Dinner

Set up a community dinner at a local restaurant/business to sell meals (spaghetti dinners are popular) and raffle off items donated/purchased from local businesses.  Charge $20 per plate.  Collect donations and sell raffle tickets for various items gathered from donations or purchased packages from local businesses.

* Goal – $2,500.00

* Budget – $900

Covers the cost for food supplies ($250-300), Signage ($100) and Raffle tickets and items ($500)

* Leadership – Booster Parents (two elected per year), Coaching Staff and Host (business) Management.

* Target Audience – All community members, including students, school staff, all members of the athletic department, community leaders, local residents, etc.

* Marketing – Email/phone lists, school contact database, local newspaper/radio, signs posted at high traffic areas and social media (Twitter & Facebook).


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