Fall 2016 Wrap Up



Fall 2016 Wrap Up

Well, guys and gals, it is the end of another semester.  You did it!  Take a minute to pat yourself on the back.  This grad school stuff is hard work.  You balanced school, work, volunteer opportunities, family, friends, and hopefully some fun too.  We want to take a minute to look back at everything you worked on this Fall.

WSU sport social media featured some of your PROspectives over the course of this semester.  Here’s a look back at some of the highlights.  We started the semester with an informative blog from William – showing you how best to use technology, your peer mentor, and other WSU Sport resources.  The topic of #youthsports was trending on our Twitter page, as students discussed participation trophies, parent involvement, and the idea of specialization at a young age.  Topics covering how to market a brand’s social media campaign for Spikeball and Under Armour, and how to reach spectators and participants showed our students’ creativity.  Gender in sports, women’s empowerment, and anit-bullying campagins were also covered mid-semester.  Storify projects helped students’ debate the idea of sport & race and students’ podcasts looked at NCAA and MHSAA drug testing perspectives.  As the end of semester neared, students looked at how new forms of social media affect sports as well as the idea of university policies for social media use and athletes.

As we finish this semester wrap up, remember WE are here to see you succeed.  Take advantage of what is out there for you – read our bi-monthly student newsletter (it’s full of job opportunities, program information, alumni highlights, and relevant professional development articles), get involved in our social media posts – share your opinions (you never know who may see it!), and keep an out for Wednesday blogs posts (you never know when YOURS will be featured!).  Have other suggestions on what could help – tweet us!  We’d love to hear from you!

So, enjoy your break.  Come back and start the Winter semester refreshed and recharged.  As almost EVERY one of our alumni has mentioned, “you get out of this program what you put into it”.


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