Current Events in Interscholastic Sports


Within the sports administration program, we try to give our students some flexibility when working on their assignments. For example, in our interscholastic sports administration course, students were asked to find an event related to high school sports and discuss it. They had freedom to research and choose an event that interested them. Take a look at a few of their chosen events below.

By: Zach Johnson

What is the Event?

The event is the InsideOut Initiative forums in Ohio. The purpose of the event is to combat the “Win-at-All-Costs” mentality that has taken over interscholastic athletics and bring a more educational approach to the way that interscholastic athletics are run. The InsideOut Initiative first started in 2015 in Texas and Colorado, and looks to partner state athletic associations with local NFL teams to build a support community for interscholastic athletes to help build character of the athletes.

Who is running the event?

These forums are run by the InsideOut Initiative with the support of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA), National Football League Foundation, the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals, and other organizations.

When is the Event?

This event will take place on two different dates in two locations in order to help spread the ideas to a larger group of coaches and administrators. On February 13, 2017 the forum will take its discussions to FirstEnergy Stadium, the home of the Cleveland Browns, and will be attended by approximately 130 coaches and administrators from 40 different high schools in Ohio. Then on February 14, 2017 the forum will be at Paul Brown Stadium, the home of the Cincinnati Bengals, and will be attended by another 115 coaches and administrators from 35 different schools from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. These two dates are a part of phase 2 of the Initiative which started in Dublin, Ohio back in October 2016. (Ross, 2017)

Why is the Event taking place?

The event is taking place in order to fight the “Win-at-All-Costs” mentality that has taken over interscholastic athletics. Important educational aspects of athletics have gone missing from athletics today, and the forums are looking to get that part back in the game. Joe Ehrmann, co-founder of the InsideOut Initiative, said “The goal is to win – we play, plan and prepare to win every game – but this isn’t the purpose of education-based athletics. The purpose is the human growth and development of the inner lives of students and connecting them to caring adults in their school communities.”

Impact on interscholastic sports?

The InsideOut Initiative has the potential to have a huge impact on interscholastic athletics by helping to make it more about the educational and developmental purposes of athletics, rather than all about winning.


Ross, D. B. (2017, February 12). Ohio Continues with Next Phase of InsideOut Initiative to Combat “Win-at-All-Costs” Sports Mentality. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from OHSAA:“Win-at-All-Costs”-Sports-Mentality

By: Erica Hayworth

What is the event?

The Michigan High School Softball Coaches Association (MHSSCA) clinic is held for head varsity softball coaches in the state of Michigan. The clinic is meant to provide education for coaches as well as help the coaches meet MHSAA coaching requirements.

Who runs the event?

The MHSSCA runs the event. There are board members and guest speakers in attendance. The board president is Tom Calnen and the vice president is Paul Marwede. The clinic is broken up into sessions and the sessions were run by name well known softball figures in Michigan. Some notable names are: Tom Buckingham (Saginaw Valley State University), Ashley Marinacci (Adrian College), Dr. Joe Eisenmann (Michigan State University), and Cindy Bristow of the NFCA.

When is the event?

The clinic took place on Friday February 10, 2017. The clinic is held at the Causeway Bay Hotel in Lansing, Michigan.

Why is the event taking place?

Each softball head coach is expected to complete a softball specific rules meeting per the MHSAA. The clinic is an all day event, which allows coaches to complete the rules meeting requirement. The clinic is used as an educational tool for head coaches to better their craft. The MHSAA and MHSSCA want these coaches to be well-prepared and well-knowledgeable about softball. To do this, the clinic is divided into sessions, which discusses different aspects of softball. Some of the sessions include: team drills, catching drills, mental game, etc.

How is the event related to interscholastic sport and what is the impact?

First and foremost, this clinic is related to interscholastic sport because the clinic specifically focuses on high school softball. Head coaches are expected to complete a rules requirement and are encouraged to be in attendance at this event. The rules requirement makes coaches aware of certifications they need to have such as, CPR. The rules requirement also discusses any rule changes that the MHSAA has made.

Coaches from all over Michigan gather and it is an opportunity for coaches to socialize with one another as well as continue their softball education. This continued education helps the coaches grow and develop their softball craft, which they pass along to the athletes they come in contact with. This clinic provides coaches the tools and tips they need to have success with their individual teams.

Michigan High School Softball Coaches Association. (2017). Retrieved from

By: Samantha Bohy

National High School Activities Month was a program, developed by the National Federation of State High School Associations, that encourged programs spotlighting interscholastic activities to be held at all schools all month long, with a different theme each week.  The program focused on all interscholastic activities, including athletics.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) developed the event.  They created and released all programming and encouraged school participation.  This program will ensure job security for the NFHS by design.  The more they recruit interscholastic activity participants, the more the federation can grow.  The NFHS relies on participation to continue its service.  The schools are the ones who carried out the events and programming.  Encouraging participation and recognition of interscholastic activities is beneficial to them to increase student involvement and for recruiting purposes.

The program took place in October of 2016.  The first week was about sportsmanship, fan appreciation, and public announcers.  The purpose was to bring awareness to these topics and support good sportsmanship.  Week two was centered on performing arts.  This week aimed to recognize those students, coaches, and sponsors of the performing arts programs at respective schools.  The third week went to recognizing coaches, advisors, sponsors, and officials.  These contributors were supposed to be hilighted in their schools for the service they provide to athletics.  The final week was national community service/youth awareness week.  This term focused on giving back to the community in any way possible.  The service acted as a way to thank community members for their support.  Programming ideas were listed for each week and testimonials from adolescents were featured.

The event was created to encourage participation in interscholastic activities as well as to recognize those who support the programs throughout the United States.  Each school has a different support group within their school and community and this event targeted each group at their respective schools.  The programs were flexibile so schools could include key members or coaches they felt fit the description of the weekly theme and could host an activity of their choice with multiple options suggested by the NFHS.

This event is related to interscholastic sports because each section applies to them.  Even the performing arts activities week pertains to interscholastic sports because although some of them may not participate in competitive or team sports, ballet and dance is absolutely still considered a sport.  This section specifically hilights those involved in all perfoming arts, whether they are involved in interscholastic sports or not.  The NFHS values all interscholastic activities.  The event is also relevant to interscholastic sports because it recognizes those who are not athletes that make sports happen.  It is important to recognize coaches and sports boosters, past and present, as well as officials because without them, there would be no teams.  The programming also encourages those past participants of interscholastic sports to give back to the programs they came from.  The recognition may keep a coach from retiring for a few more seasons or encourage more past players to become referees of their respective sport.

National Federation of State High School Associations. (2016). National High School Activities Month. Retrieved from


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