That is sure a lot of letters in the title! I have found that sports’ people like to use abbreviations whenever possible so I figured I should continue the trend 🙂

This past Friday, faculty member Tiffany Edgar and I attended Central Michigan University’s 7th Annual Sport Management Association Conference. We participated in a career fair advertising Wayne State’s program and had the opportunity to meet with quite a few prospective students.

The conference itself was interesting. While we weren’t able to hear every speaker (at events like these you rarely are able to do that), we did enjoy listening to a few.

Bobby Glaser from Palace Sports & Entertainment spoke on the challenges of being the director of security in today’s society. His role encompasses all venues owned by Palace Sports and that keeps him quite busy. I found it interesting to learn of the multitude of certifications that are out there for someone interested in working security in a sports venue. The main organization is the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4).

The second speaker we heard was Lauren Carey. She had attended CMU and now works at UC Berkley. It was certainly a homecoming for her as she spent much of her time describing memories from her time in Mount Pleasant.

After lunch, we heard from Scott Howland who is the Customer Relationship Management & Research Manager for the Detroit Lions. He described how the Lions are now using data analytics to track the habits of their fans and work to market more strategically to these people. It was a very interesting and eye opening lecture on how the information we might provide a team when buying a ticket can be stored and used. If anyone is interested in data collection, this could be your foothold in the sports industry. Scott also mentioned that the Lions will now have Wi-Fi throughout Ford Field…Hallelujah!

The final speaker we listened to was Zach Fish. Zach was also a graduate of CMU and now works for the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. What I found interesting about his presentation is that bowl games have a full staff that works year-round for a one day event. Keep this in mind as you are looking for a job after graduation. Zach was very passionate about his work and that was obvious from his talk.

The KHS department at Wayne State always tries to advertise any conference opportunities that come up to our students through our newsletter. These are awesome events that are worth attending. I can certainly say that I have always learned something and met great people from the conferences I have attended.



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